How Has Your Fear of Change Stifled Your Growth?

Don’t allow fear to stall your career growth || Photo © ra2 studio

Many human beings thrive on consistency and normalcy. For many of us, it gives us a sense of stability and security. While

there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a degree of steadiness in your life, we shouldn’t confuse that with becoming stagnant in our professional or personal lives. We should all accept, and even embrace, a degree of change that helps promotes self-improvement.

Consider your life for a moment. Every single day, you are faced with decisions about your future. While some choices are incredibly easy to make, others may be more challenging. Oftentimes, when we have to make choices that will take us off our projected path, we may become uncomfortable and even resistant to that change. It’s time to redefine what change is and how it can actually improve our lives.

Redefine Change

Change doesn’t always mean that everything will be off kilter. Sometimes, it simply means that we have decided to go a different direction in life. Perhaps you wanted to try a new career, go back to school, or just take some time exploring your options. A change could be exactly what we need to challenge ourselves, or just bring clarity to our goals.

Embrace the Fear

Fear is usually associated with the unknown. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being afraid of what comes next. However, we should be cautious not to give our fear too much power in our lives. Fear can hold us back if we let it. Instead, we should channel that fear and make sure we are putting our energy into positive things that could significantly transform our lives.

Make Growth the Priority

Personal growth should always be on your radar. It means that you are challenging yourself and living your best life. If you recognize that personal growth is intended to push us out of our comfort zones, then you’ll understand that fear of change is a small part of the equation. It’s okay to take a moment to recognize, embrace, and even feel the fear, but be resistant to unpacking and living in that. However, don’t allow that fear to impede you from making decisions or seeking out challenges in your life.

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