Taylor White Coaching and Consulting

A proven track record that speaks volumes. Why working with Danyell leads to long-lasting success: A diversely educated advisor:Danyell’s unquenchable thirst for personal development is rooted in a diverse and accomplished education.

She received a BA from Benedictine University before going on to earn a Master of Education Administration from BU as well as a Master of Clinical Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago. With an unwavering devotion to education and higher learning, Danyell has excelled beyond her degrees, bringing a ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and mastery to each and every unique client. For Danyell there is no “there” and we are never “done.”

We evolve and we grow continuously.

Years of experience counseling children, teens, and adults with years of professional experience developing specialized techniques geared towards understanding behavior and helping clients reach their emotional, relational and professional goals, Danyell commits herself to the success of her clients while working tirelessly to ensure each and every distinct client is satisfied with their improvement. A true counselor at heart, Danyell is ardently committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential.

Years of invaluable experience training, teaching, and coaching educators and administrators.  During her time in education administration, Danyell equipped educators and fellow administrators to make quantum leaps within their careers. Her unique talent for helping people design effective strategies for success proved to be the essential ingredient in providing long-lasting fulfillment and happiness on all levels, both personally and professionally.

With Danyell, you get a coach that invests everything she has into your unique potential, liberating what is truly possible in a life well lived.

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