Why Hiring a Career Coach is Important

As competition is increasing across industries, both fresh graduates and professionals need to put their best foot forward to climb up the corporate ladder. Whether you’re seeking a new job opportunity or professional growth, your best bet to achieving your goals is to hire a career coach.

Working with a career coach

A career coach can help both job seekers and those who want to excel professionally in a plethora of ways. Such a coach has expertise in resume building, interviewing, career planning and job switching. Therefore, they can provide you with quality guidance and assistance with landing your dream job and fostering a rewarding career. Continue reading to learn more reasons why hiring a career coach is crucial nowadays:

 Create a Result-Driven Job Search Plan

Submitting applications for numerous job vacancies isn’t always the best approach to finding a lucrative job. In order to get hired, you need a well-devised job search plan. And this is what a career coach can help you with.

To create a solid job search plan, your coach will first work on the following areas:  

  • Identify your skills and competencies to determine how you as an employee can add value to an organization,
  • Help you best describe as well as pitch yourself to come across as the right fit,
  • Teach you how to effectively network and use your contact database to your career advantage,
  • Prepare you for job interviews by conducting performing mock interviews so that you know how to handle and answer the trickiest of questions without feeling stressed,
  • Show you how to promote and market yourself through your resume and even LinkedIn profile,
  • Sort through opportunities by prioritizing those that can move your career graph upwards.

Improve Work Performance and Gain Job Satisfaction

Sometimes you can feel stuck and dissatisfied with your current job. You may feel unfulfilled because of working at the same position for years. This is when you need a career coach for guidance. Your coach can assess and determine whether your current role matches your strengths or not. They can teach you how to play to your strengths and showcase your competencies in the best possible way so that your boss has no other choice but to reward you for your improved work performance with a promotion and salary increase. Did you know that according to a study carried by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), more than 70 percent of the people claimed that they experienced improved work performance after career coaching?

Help you Make the Switch with Confidence

Hiring a career coach is also important when you’re planning to switch careers or industry for that matter. A coach can guide you through the process by helping you assess your current job against your strengths and weaknesses and the new path that you wish to pursue so that you can make an informed decision with confidence and no regrets.

For more information on how a career coach can help or for assistance, get in touch with us today. We can provide you with quality consultation and assistance that you need to land your dream job and accelerate professionally.

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