Why Hiring a Career Coach is Important

Working with a career coach

As competition is increasing across industries, both fresh graduates and professionals need to put their best foot forward to climb up the corporate ladder. Whether you’re seeking a new job opportunity or professional growth, your best bet to achieving your goals is to hire a career coach. A career coach can help both job seekers […]

Considering a Career Change: Things to Consider

Career change considerations

It’s not uncommon for people to toy with the idea of making a career change. After all, we spend a considerable amount of time at work, and we should be doing something that makes us feel fulfilled and successful. While we should each be striving to live our best lives, there is a lot to […]

Effective Leadership in the Workplace – How to Lead by Example

team building

To have a winning team, effective leadership in the workplace is crucial. As a leader you need to make sure that you come across as trustworthy, responsible and someone who has the same standards and rules for everyone, including yourself. And all this is possible if you lead by example. Leading by example helps to […]

6 Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Career and Professional Goals

career planning

Did you know that people who tend to write their career goals and re-evaluate them over the course of time are nearly 33% more successful as compared to those who only conceptualize them? Well, this is because accountability and re-evaluation of goals actually provide people with a framework of success as it helps keep the […]

How Has Your Fear of Change Stifled Your Growth?

Many human beings thrive on consistency and normalcy. For many of us, it gives us a sense of stability and security. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a degree of steadiness in your life, we shouldn’t confuse that with becoming stagnant in our professional or personal lives. We should all accept, and even embrace, […]

What Is Your Rise to Corporate Success Costing You?

Sleep deprivation

I often wonder when did we begin placing such an emphasis on being number one. Being first in our class, coming in first place in the race, and as we age and enter the workforce being the supervisor, manager, director, VP and the list can go on. This tenacious desire for success and being “the […]

Why Your Organizational Culture May be Sabotaging Your Success

organization culture and trust

How Duplicity in Organizational Culture Killed the Mother of Invention I remember my first position as a school administrator. I was very young and naive. Of course, I had this eagerness not only excel but to make my building a place that students, parents, staff and stakeholders wanted to be a part of. Easy, right? […]

How a Growth Mindset Can Help Leaders Overcome Stress and Pressure

stress of leadership

The Basics of a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset Being a leader takes time and effort.  There’s no doubt that our society reveres leadership, with people toiling and striving their entire lives toward that perpetual glass ceiling.  And while blunders and doubt are only natural given the extreme pressures of the job, they don’t circumvent the […]

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